Our Shun for August 2018



kofuku(small round mochi)  $4.00/piece

fresh fig and pistachio mochi ; fresh fig / pistachio paste / mochi skin tasted with black mission fig balsamico

strawberry with rose mochi ; fresh strawberry / white bean paste / mochi skin tasted with rose water / rose petal

black warabi(bracken) mochi : adzuki bean paste / black warabi(bracken) skin / cinnamon kinako(roasted soybean powder)

edamame(cha-mame) mochi ; cha-mame paste / anise-hyssop flower and leaf / domyoji (coarse sticky rice) skin


season' s special   $5.00/piece     from 2 pieces

kōri tofu (玲瓏豆腐) ; muscovado jelly &  sweet organic corn tofu with rosemary







             *we are renewing these seasonal menu depends on the green market, air temperature and humidity. 

                                                                      Please ask our shun from contact page.