Our Shun for July 2017


kofuku(small round mochi)  $4.00/piece

"4 white" mochi ;  white peach compote / white coconut milk / white bean paste / white meringue mochi skin

”4 black" mochi ; black cherry compote / black chocolate mousse / black cherry balsamico skin / black pepper

matcha mousse mochi ; matcha white chocolate mousse / whole aszuki bean paste / matcha powder

prosciutto & melon mochi ; cantaloupe melon / cilantro / white bean paste / prosciutto 


season' s special    *order from 2 cups

mizu yohkan with apricot, lychee & dill   $4.00/cup











             *we are renewing these seasonal menu depends on the green market, air temperature and humidity. 

                                                                      Please ask our shun from contact page.