Our Shun for  May 2017


kofuku(small round mochi)   $3.50

"4 green" mochi ;  green plum / green yuzu / green chili / green shiso skin

raspberry chocolate mochi ; fresh raspberry / cream cheese / chocolate ganache / marco polo tea skin / cacao powder

yellow flower & lemon mochi ; salted broccoli rabe flower / lemon tasted white bean paste / domyo-ji (steamed,  dried & coarsed sticky rice) skin / roasted sesami

black warabi mochi ; refined adzuki bean paste / anise seed / black bracken skin / cinnamon kinako powder ($4.00)



adzuki  /  refined adzuki bean paste and anise seed wrapped with coconuts tasted mochi and a oak leaf

miso / refined white bean paste and white miso wrapped with mochi and a oak leaf






             *we are renewing these seasonal menu depends on the green market, air temperature and humidity. 

                                                                      Please ask our shun from contact page.