Our Shun for January 2018


kofuku(small round mochi)  $4.00/piece

yaki-karasumi(grilled bottarga) mochi ; daikon radish compote / yuzu peel & white bean paste

snow white mochi ; white chocolate mousse / mochi skin tasted with mint

dark caramel mochi ; fresh raspberry / dark caramel paste / mochi skin tasted with Marco Polo  tea / cocoa powder

grilled chestnuts & adzuki mochi ; grilled chestnuts compote / adzuki bean paste 


season's special  $4.50/piece (from 2 pieces)

hanabira(flower petal) mochi ; white miso & white bean paste / Burdock root compote  (~1/21)














             *we are renewing these seasonal menu depends on the green market, air temperature and humidity. 

                                                                      Please ask our shun from contact page.